Toddy® Frozen Frappe Mix

Want a blended iced coffee or tea drink that's better than those served by leading coffeehouses? Toddy®'s Frozen Frappe Mix blended with coffee or tea concentrate, milk and ice creates the ultimate smoothie that is less than a third of the calories and the cost of a similar drink sold at leading coffeehouses. Enjoy your favorite chilled drink in the comfort of your home - a perfect frozen drink, it's delicious beyond words.

Toddy® Frozen Frappe Mix Recipes

Toddy® Frozen Frappe Mix Nutrition Facts

Choco-latte (2 lb.)$13.50
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Vanilla (2 lb.)$13.50
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Toddy® Frozen Frappe Mix
"If you want rich, flavorful coffee that's low in acid and caffeine, unplug your coffeemaker. Instead, use cold water to extract the flavor from beans... cold-brewers, such as one from Toddy, simplify the process."
- Nancy Seewald
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