Toddy® Cold Brewed Simply Better Cocktails

Coffee & Tea Cocktail Inspiration

In our pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee (and tea), we’ve had some great experiences with specialty cocktails along the way. The careful consideration and attention to detail paid by top baristas is much like the passion and creativity displayed by top mixologists. We reached out to several of our good friends in both the specialty coffee and cocktail industries to learn how they were inspired to combine the two pursuits. We are proud to present this cocktail guide that features our favorite submissions from a very talented group of people. We hope you enjoy!

Toddy Cold Brewed Simply Better Cocktails

This beautifully-bound booklet features 18 cocktail recipes and full-color photography throughout.

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Toddy® Cold Brewed Simply Better Cocktails
"The magic of the Toddy is it requires little effort on your part and then does all the hard work (making your coffee) overnight. There are a handful of other cold brewers on the market, but there’s nothing better than the Toddy"
- Felicia Kloewer
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