Toddy® 50th Anniversary T-Shirt

Celebrate 50 years of Toddy®, the world's greatest cold brew coffee system, with an homage to the era's most popular artist. As Toddy was just getting off the ground, Andy Warhol was working with some soon to be iconic Campbell's Soup cans on The American Supermarket exhibit.

These heathered shirts are 100% ring spun, combed cotton. Men's and women's cuts available.

Mens - Small$17.00
Womens - Small$17.00
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50th Anniversary T-Shirt
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50th Anniversary T-Shirt

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"If you want rich, flavorful coffee that's low in acid and caffeine, unplug your coffeemaker. Instead, use cold water to extract the flavor from beans... cold-brewers, such as one from Toddy, simplify the process."
- Nancy Seewald
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