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Better Cold Brew with Toddy Exploring the Art & Science of Cold Brew

Exclusive digital event from the cold brew industry leader

July 29, 2021

14:00 to 19:30 GMT
8:00 am to 1:30 pm MDT

Join the cold brew pioneers at Toddy to discover the insider tips and techniques that modern cafes rely on to create exceptional cold brew. Offering invaluable industry expertise, "Better Cold Brew with Toddy" will help you identify and produce the best brew for a variety of applications, from still brew to nitro kegging and more. This is a rare opportunity to learn from those who have been serving up today's hottest beverage ... since 1964.

This educational event is complemented by carefully curated Experience Boxes at attendee-only savings. Exclusively available to Better Cold Brew participants, the Explorer, Brewer, and Sensory Experience Boxes feature tools and accessories designed to support and enhance your cold brew education.  

The Agenda
Brewer making coffee

All sessions will take place Thursday, July 29. Courses are FREE to attend; register now to reserve your space.

Cold Brew 101

Expand on your basic knowledge of cold brew. Become familiar with the fundamental differences between coffee brewed with heat vs. coffee brewed with time and gain an overview of how brewing parameters impact the finished product.

Cold Brew 101 Q&A

Get answers to your burning questions about Toddy cold brew solutions during this live Q&A. 

Building a Cold Brew Program

Find out why cold brew is such a popular - and versatile - cafe offering. Get expert tips designed to help you make the leap from thinking about a cold brew program to profiting from one.

Building a Cold Brew Program Q&A

Learn more about how you can get the biggest return from your cold brew business investment during this live Q&A. 

THE BARN Coffee Showcase

Discover the varied specialty coffee offerings from THE BARN, a leading coffee roaster in Europe.

Cold Brew Cupping: What & Why?

Get the origin story behind cold brew cupping, discover important differences between traditional and cold brew cupping, and explore basic sensory analysis.

Cold Brew Cupping Q&A

During this live Q&A, hear insider tips and techniques to help you structure and perform effective cold brew cuppings.  

Nitro & Kegging Overview

Learn about one of cold brew's most popular applications in this overview of brewing and kegging techniques for one of cold brew's trendiest beverages.

Cold Brew Cocktails / Happy Hour

Eager to apply your cold brew skills to some fun creative beverages? Join us for Toddy's Happiest Hour and some cold brew trivia.

The Better Brew Experience Boxes*

Ready to truly immerse yourself in the exciting world of cold brew? Augment the educational offerings with an Experience Box*, filled with carefully curated materials designed to support and enhance your cold brew experience.

Ordering one of the Toddy Experience Boxes also gives you on-demand access to the Better Cold Brew with Toddy course material for a limited time after the live event. Purchase your box after completing registration for the event below.

Perfect for those who are just getting familiar with cold brew, the Explorer Experience Box includes Toddy cold brew sachets, a Toddy-exclusive travel tumbler, handy barista towel, voucher toward discounted education, and more.

US $40 / €35

For those newer cold brew enthusiasts, there's the Brewer Experience Box, which includes a Toddy® Artisan small batch cold brewer, whole bean coffee sample from THE BARN, barista apron, voucher toward discounted education, and more.

US $75 / €65

The Sensory Experience Box is intentionally curated for dedicated craft brewers, featuring a Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit (set of 3 brewers), whole bean coffee samples from THE BARN, barista apron, voucher toward discounted education, and more.

US $175 /  €150

*Experience Boxes are available to residents in the continental U.S. and Europe. Box contents are subject to change based on availability.

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**Courses are subject to change; Experience Box contents are subject to change based on availability.