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Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

The Toddy® brand is a premium brand that has acquired substantial weight within the industry for cold-brewed beverage products and for equipment that makes cold-brewed beverage products. Toddy, LLC ("Toddy") has achieved this place in the industry through a combination of invention and innovation, quality of products, and superior marketing and sales.

As part of Toddy's marketing efforts and to support its resellers, Toddy, as the manufacturer, recommends a retail price and a minimum advertised price for its products. Although these prices may change from time to time at Toddy's discretion, current recommended retail prices and minimum advertised prices for Toddy brand products can always be found online at https://toddycafe.com.

Effective June 1, 2018, advertisements for Toddy® brand products that indicate a discount from the minimum advertised price are not permitted in any medium, including, for example, online ads, websites, mobile applications, printed circulars, direct mail, and email.

This policy applies only to advertised prices and is not intended to affect the price at which Toddy brand products are actually sold. Resellers are free to set the resale prices for Toddy products. This policy is not directed to non-U.S. accounts.

Toddy, in its discretion and without liability to Toddy, may cancel any orders and/or terminate any relationship with a reseller if that reseller violates this policy.

Questions regarding this policy should submitted via our contact form. It is the duty of the reseller to stay apprised of current recommended retail prices, minimum advertised prices, and this policy, which can be changed from time to time at Toddy, LLC's sole and absolute discretion.

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