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Toddy Artisan small batch cold brewer with a box on a counter top

Toddy® Artisan

Invite the cafe into your kitchen. The Toddy® Artisan makes it simple to cold brew delicious coffee and tea, pairing pure cold brew function with a modern, minimalist design.

Product Details

Cafe-quality cold brew ... at home

Premium laboratory-grade materials showcase each coffee's unique character and flavor profiles - in a modern, minimalist form that won't monopolize valuable counter space.

Hibiscus cold brewed mocktail drink on wooden table

One tool, many uses

Explore new coffees, fine-tune recipes, or keep a batch ready for cocktails or mocktails.

Toddy Artisan small batch cold brewer with coffee and glass of cold brew coffee on rocks outside by flowers

Practical small batch brewing

Brew up to 17 oz. (500 mL) in a convenient container that tucks into most refrigerator doors.

Glass of cold brew being served hot in tumbler on marble tabletop

Brew cold, serve hot

Enjoy cold brew over ice or add steaming water for a more traditional cup.

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Toddy® Artisan

Toddy® Artisan Small Batch Cold Brewer (TAB)

$40.95 Retail Price

The Toddy® Artisan makes it simple to brew delicious coffee and artisanal tea, pairing pure cold brew function with a modern, minimalist design. Brew up to 17 oz. (500 mL) of refreshing cold brew in a convenient brew-and-store container that tucks neatly into most refrigerator doors.

With the versatile Artisan, you can enjoy cafe-quality cold brew at home. Try out new specialty coffees, fine-tune your recipe, or keep a batch brewed and ready for some improv cocktail/mocktail sessions.

The Artisan is compatible with Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit filters.

Case Pack: 4 units

What's Included:

Brewing vessel
Silicone lid
Filter basket
12 compostable paper filters

  • Case Height: 26 centimeters | 10 inches
  • Case Length: 31 centimeters | 12 inches
  • Case Width: 26 centimeters | 10 inches
  • Unit Height: 9.75 inches
  • Unit Length: 5.75 inches
  • Unit Width: 5 inches
  • Case Weight: 2.47 kilograms | 5.44541 pounds
  • Net Weight: 0.35 kilograms | 0.771617 pounds
  • Unit Weight: 0.54 kilograms | 1.19049 pounds
  • 1 year warranty

Shop SB (Small Batch) Filters for the Artisan (coming soon)

set of 50 paper filters for the Toddy cold brew system cupping kit
Toddy® Cold Brew Cupping Kit Paper Filters
Retail price starting at $16.50
Looking for replacement parts? VIEW PARTS

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