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Decaf Americana Blend Coffee

12 oz. Americana Decaf - Ground Coarse

$11.50 Retail Price

Our Decaf Americana Blend is a spirited, post-roast blend of 100% Guatemalan coffee. Also known as a "melange," this blend is created by meticulously roasting one coffee to two different roast profiles to tease out the best nuances in the bean. At Toddy, we use the Swiss Water® Process, a gentle, 100% chemical-free method, to remove the caffeine without compromising the taste.

Tasting notes: brown sugar, blackberry, grapefruit

Made from premium 100% Arabica beans, Toddy coffees have been specially roasted and coarse ground for cold brew. Tasting notes are based on a 16-hour cold brew made in the Toddy® Cold Brew System.

What's Included:

12 oz. ground coffee

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