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Two Pound tub of Toddy cold brew frappe mix in vanilla flavor
Toddy® Frozen Frappe Mix Vanilla
Retail price starting at $13.50
Toddy Frappe Mix in Vanilla sitting side by side on table.

The Ultimate Frozen Drink Mix Frozen Frappe Mix

Create mouthwatering smoothies and other delicious iced and blended beverages with Toddy® Frozen Frappe Mix. Blend with coffee or tea made in the Toddy® Cold Brew System to get refreshing beverages that rival those produced at leading coffeehouses (but for less than one-third of the calories and cost).

Stake your claim to rich & creamy blended drinks

Deliver irresistible smoothies and other frozen beverages in an instant with our gourmet frozen frappe mix.

Toddy Frappe with Chocolate Chips and Whipped Creme on Counter

Happy customers, happy cafe owners

Serve up better smoothies -- and bigger profits.

Toddy frappe with strawberries sitting on an outdoor table


Each 6-pound box provides approximately 66 servings.

Toddy frappe lineup with chocolate and vanilla frappes in plastic cups with straws


Up the delicious factor in frozen drinks, smoothies, and more.