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Toddy® Home Cold Brew System

Toddy® Home Cold Brew System (THM)

$49.00 Retail Price

Compatible with Toddy® OS Paper Filter Bags | The Toddy® Home Cold Brew System is our original cold brew pioneer, a nonelectrical coffee maker that produces a smooth, rich liquid concentrate used to make unparalleled cold brew at home. By allowing time to replace heat, Toddy's deceptively simple cold water filtration process extracts the coffee bean's true delicious flavor, leaving behind much of the undesirable bitterness.

Concentrate brewed in the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System is the perfect foundation for delicious iced and blended frozen drinks. Our versatile BPA-free system can also be used to cold brew artisanal tea.

Since 1964, more than 1 million Toddy® Cold Brew Systems have been sold at retail -- all with a money-back guarantee.

UPC: 758591011027

What's Included:

Brewing container
Brewing container lid
Brewing handle
Glass decanter
Decanter lid
Reusable felt filters (2)
Silicone stopper
Paper filter bags (3)

This item can safely be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

This item is made in the United States of America.

This item has been evaluated and is compliant with California Proposition 65.

  • Case Height: 33 centimeters | 13 inches
  • Case Length: 38.1 centimeters | 15 inches
  • Case Width: 38.1 centimeters

What's the best grind size for cold brew?

At Toddy, we recommend coarse grind.

Coffee in this area isn't available in 12 oz. sizes. Can a full pound be brewed? 8 ounces?

Yes, you can essentially brew as much or as little as you'd like. To brew one pound (16 oz./450 g) of coffee, increase the amount of water added to the grounds to 9 cups (2.13 L). Please note: The brewing container will be very full, so use caution not to overflow. To brew 8 ounces (230 g) of coffee, decrease the water to 4.5 cups (1.07 L).

Can the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System be used to cold brew tea?

Yes, the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System brews tea that is delicious and smoother than a hot brew or sun tea method as many of the tannins and bitterness aren't released in the absence of heat.

How much concentrate does the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System produce with each batch?

If you're brewing 12 ounces of coffee, it should yield approximately 36-38 ounces of coffee concentrate. If you're making tea, your 8 ounces of tea leaves should produce approximately 50 ounces of tea concentrate.

Brewing instructions say to leave the grounds and water undisturbed. Some of the grounds clump up and resist getting wet, remaining dry even after water has been added. Should the grounds be stirred?

Yes, you can stir the grounds if using Method 1 from our instructions with the Toddy® Paper Filter Bags. Stirring is not recommended for Method 2 as the felt filter may clog if the finest particles settle at the bottom during stirring. Instead, using a water pitcher, slowly pour water in a circular motion over the grounds. If needed, lightly tap the topmost grounds with the back of a spoon to ensure all grounds get wet.

What should be done if the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System won't drain or drains slowly?

To avoid a clogged filter, use only medium to coarse ground coffee. Secondly, when adding water to your coffee grounds, do so as gently as possible. The goal is to wet all the grounds with minimal turbulence. All ground coffee contains some amount of "coffee dust" or extremely fine particles. As you begin to drain your concentrate, these particles can work their way down to the filter. If the grounds have not been agitated, the larger grounds act as a filter themselves, preventing the dust from reaching the filter and clogging it. If the filter gets clogged and drainage stops before complete, take a dinner knife (with a rounded blunt end), gently push through the grounds until the tip hits the filter, and then scrape the top of the filter. To prevent the felt filter from clogging, try using Toddy® Paper Filter Bags in your next batch. If you're using the new Toddy® Home Cold Brew System silicone lid, vent the lid before draining the extract into your carafe. Forgetting to do so may cause the extract to drain more slowly into the storage carafe.

Where should cold brew concentrate be stored?

To maximize freshness, store your concentrate in your refrigerator using your glass decanter and lid or another airtight container such as our clear pitcher, a durable plastic pitcher that's compatible with the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System. Cold brew extract will stay fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Can traditional paper filters be used in the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System?

No, the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System requires specially designed felt and paper filters.

How frequently should reusable felt filters be replaced?

The felt filter may be used up to 10 times (discard after 3 months). Toddy® Paper Filter Bags are for one-time use only. You may purchase new filters and other genuine Toddy® replacement parts from your local retailer, your favorite online supplier, or at ToddyCafe.com.

Do the felt filters still need to be used with the new paper filters?

Yes, we recommend using the felt filter with the paper filter for optimal double filtration.

Can the felt filter be removed by inserting a knife into the bottom of the brew container?

We recommend removing the felt filter with your hands instead of using a knife or other sharp utensil from the underside. You can also use a straw or chopstick if available.

Where should felt filters be stored between uses?

We recommend you store your clean, rinsed felt filters in a sealed baggie in the freezer. When ready to brew again, just take it out, rinse with fresh water, and insert into your brewing container.

Why should the felt filter be stored in the freezer?

Keeping your felt filter in a sealed bag in the freezer helps to maximize the life of your filter and the freshness of each batch you brew.

Are the stopper, lid, and brewing container food safe?

Consistent with our commitment to product integrity and food safety standards, yes, the stopper and lid are made with a food-safe silicone. The brewing container is food-safe and BPA-free.

How hard should the stopper be pushed in to seal the brew container?

We recommend gently pressing the stopper into place and turning it a quarter turn to seal. No need to use a great deal of pressure.

Where should the stopper be stored when not in use?

We recommend storing the silicone stopper in the bottom of the brewing container handle (intentionally designed for that purpose). Be sure not to drop the stopper in the larger hole at the top of the handle where it will be more difficult to remove.

Does the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System have a warranty?

Toddy offers a one-year product warranty for defects in material or workmanship with a valid proof of purchase from Toddy or an authorized reseller. Please contact us at (888) 863-3974 or ToddyCafe.com.

Where can Toddy® Home Cold Brew System replacement parts be ordered?

You may order replacement parts directly from ToddyCafe.com or by calling toll-free, 1 (888) 863-3974. If calling from outside of the US, dial +1 (970) 493-0788. Genuine replacement parts for the Toddy® Cold Brew System are also available at select gourmet coffee and tea stores around the world. However, because Toddy can't guarantee that the item(s) you're hoping to find are in stock at all locations, we strongly recommend you call the location to verify availability before making the trip.

What else can be made from concentrate brewed in the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System?

Please visit ToddyCafe.com to see our exclusive collection of food and beverage recipes using cold-brewed coffee and tea.

  • 1 year warranty
Toddy Cold Brew System Package, Brewer, Carafe with Coffee, 2 Felt Filters, and Stopper

Toddy® Home Cold Brew System The Cold Brew Industry Pioneer

Discover the brewing method that baristas and food critics alike have relied on for more than 50 years. Regarded by many of the world's leading coffee shops as the standard for cold brew, the Toddy® Home Cold Brew System unlocks the natural, delicious flavors of your favorite coffees and teas. Tap into your inner barista to create cafe-quality cold brew beverages at home. 

Product Details

Trusted by leading coffee shops

Indulge your inner barista; cold brew has never been simpler to make or more consistently delicious.

Toddy cold brew coffee made with milk in a mason jar

Serve cold or hot

Add milk or water and ice or dilute it with steaming water.

Toddy cold brewed tea sitting on table

Versatile for your changing preferences

Cold brew your next favorite coffee or try some artisanal tea. 

Toddy cold brew coffee extract in mason jar next to Toddy cold brew system

Stays fresh ... for longer than it'll last

Refrigerate extract for up to 2 weeks.

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