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Toddy® Cold Brew SystemCommercial Model

Commercial Model with Lift

$90.00 Retail Price

Compatible with Toddy® Commercial Model Paper and Tree Free Filters | Cold brew enthusiasts around the world rely on the Toddy® Cold Brew System - Commercial Model to produce full-bodied and aromatic cold-brewed liquid coffee and tea extract with a bold, super-smooth taste. Brew 5 pounds of your favorite coffee to yield up to 2.5 gallons of extract.

The Commercial Model comes standard with the patented Toddy® Lift, maximizing the volume of extract you get out of every batch. Brew with Toddy's convenient, compostable filters (available in paper or tree free) to create delicious, naturally sweet-tasting cold coffee or tea beverages. Dilute the coffee concentrate with water or milk and serve over ice, mixed into your favorite latte or frozen drink, or even add hot water for a smooth-drinking traditional cup of coffee.

What's Included:

Commercial Model brewing container
Toddy® Lift
Spigot assembly
Filter starter set (2 paper filters and 2 tree free filters)

  • Item Height: 15.4 inches
  • Item Width: 12.2 inches
  • Unit Height: 18 inches
  • Unit Length: 12 inches
  • Unit Width: 12 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.4 kilograms | 3 pounds
  • Unit Weight: 1.8 kilograms | 3.9 pounds
Commercial model with lift sitting on a counter

Toddy® Cold Brew System Commercial Model

The Commercial Model is cold brew's original workhorse, relied on by cafes, roasteries, and restaurants worldwide to brew specialty coffee and artisanal tea. Engineered for ease of use, the Commercial Model delivers deliciously consistent results that inspire customer loyalty and come with an affordability factor that cafe owners appreciate. (Each brewer typically repays the initial investment within one to two batches.)

Drive greater profitability

Toddy cold brew solutions make it easy and economical to produce large batches of consistently great-tasting cold brew. 

Toddy Commercial Model in cafe with coffee, plastic cups, and decanter

Consistently high quality

Get a fresh, clean cup with every pour.

Barista pouring Toddy-brewed cold brew drinks in cafe

Easy to use, easy to train

Our simple brewing process helps minimize operator error.

Barista dispensing cold brew from stacked commercial models into decanter

Boost cafe efficiency

Brew daily, weekly, and multiple batches at once.

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Shop Commercial Model Filters

Set of tree free filters for the Toddy commercial model brewer
Commercial Model Tree Free Filters
Retail price starting at $42.00
Set of paper filters for the Toddy commercial model brewer
Commercial Model Paper Filters
Retail price starting at $35.00
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